Notes on the 2012 Vintage

Despite a winter which was exceptionally dry and windy, the vegetative cycle began with lymph flow and budding in a period which has practically become the norm in the Collio.

 The change in the weather conditions in April and May, with a return of rain,  gave relief after the prolonged dry period of the winter without bringing with it peronospora infection,  but the notable temperature excursions in this period caused irregular growth of the buds and also disturbed flowering.  As a result, this phase of the vegetative cycle was completed later than usual for the region. This late growth was however compensated by the summer weather, as a succession of North African anticyclones from June onwards brought a long period of heat and drought, which lasted almost until the harvest. The extremely high temperatures continued through most of the month of August, resulting in excessive evapotranspiration and drought stress in the cases of some of the most exposed, south-facing hills. Rain at the end of the month however, together with a fall in night temperatures, had a positive impact on the aromatic resources of the grapes  Picking started in the first week of September and continued over a particularly long period. The grapes were perfectly healthy, although production is considerably lower than 2011.