The 2007 Vintage

The Growing Season:
2007 was an extremely early vintage. Beginning immediately after the 15th August bank holiday, it was in fact the earliest vintage in living memory in the Collio.

As a result of the favourable weather conditions, the grapes were picked without any particular problems of mould. The hail storms of early July, although they were not heavy, broke the skins of the grapes but the high temperatures through the rest of the month caused the berries which had been affected to dry completely, without suffering attacks of botrytis. Light leaf stripping, studied on the basis of the vintage and carried out after the period of fruit set also helped to avoid the risk of botrytis while at the same time saving the grapes from scorching from direct exposure to the sun.

The size of the berries was larger than average for nearly all varieties and bunch weight was up by 40% to 50% compared to 2006. This explains the fact that although the number of bunches per vine was almost identical in both vintages, yields in 2007 increased by 5%-10% compared to 2006, Overall production, on current estimates, should be up around 5%-10% on 2006, marking a return to average figures for the area.

Sugar levels in 2007 also returned to average values after the very high levels of the 2006 vintage. Acidity tended to be slightly down, especially in the case of Tocai.

Among recent vintages, from the point of view of the overall climatic conditions and the early harvest, 2007 most resembles 2003 although the more recent vintage recorded slightly higher productions. The 2006 vintage on the other hand can be considered as that which among those of the last five years best represents the wines of the Collio. Weather conditions were perfect. The summer was not too hot and significant diurnal temperature excursions marked the run in to the harvest, producing fruit with great balance and aroma.