The land of the emerald river


The DOC Friuli Isonzo area lies on the flatlands of the province of Gorizia, and takes its name from the river which shaped the terrain.  The soils originated from the floods of the Isonzo (and in part, the Natisone river) at the end of the Würmian glaciation of the late Pleistocene, and consist of alluvial clay mixed with the more or less abundant amounts of pebble which give the soil its excellent drainage. Over the course of millennia, the soluble elements in the earth have been washed away, leaving a high concentration of insoluble ones, like the iron which gives the soil its reddish colour.

In terms of climate, the DOC zone has well-distributed rainfall, and most importantly, optimal ventilation.

The vines are trained on the Guyot and double-arch systems. Limiting the number of buds, according to the vigour of the vine,  results in vineyards with ideal vegetative-productive balance.