foto_azienda_bigThe Terčič winery is located in San Floriano del Collio, on the border with Slovenia, in the easternmost area of northern Italy. This area possesses one of Collio is most viticulturally favoured zones, thanks to its elevation, to the two-fold effect of the bora wind blowing from the Vipacco valley and of the winds originating in the south, and to its unique soils, composed of clay-rich marls and sandstone. Our winery lies in the full conjunction of all of these conditions, with 9.5 hectares of hillside vineyards. Grapegrowing and winemaking are ancient traditions in our familly.

My grandfatther Alojz was the first to dedicate himself to these activities, and then my father Zdenko enlarged the winery even further. Beginning in 1990, I committed myself fully to the production of wine, from the harvesting of the grapes right through to the bottling.foto_azienda2_big We released our first wines to the public in 1994, and year after year thereafter, always growing steadily and surely. All that we do here is designed to preserve a balance among everything that goes to produce the wine. This human activity, neither repetitive nor mathematical, with its limits but also with its grandeur, creates a product thatt is the very essence of the integration of man with the land around him.